Window 405 – Whispers of truth


If you cannot hear the divine whispers of guidance coming from your heart, your mind is speaking at a distracting octave, trying to represent it’s self as  the voice of light… but Divine light always illuminates softly, without negativity .

~ WOW ~

Window 404 – Love never dies


With all that one strives to be and remember, it is only the state of love that can be retained forever in the heart and  memory of the mind, for love is all that we truly are.

~ WOW ~

Window 403 – A Divine connection


When we have a relationship with Great Spirit; how we relate  to everything else  becomes aligned with the greatness of Divine thinking.

~ WOW ~

Window 402 – Awakening moments


When we are distracted by our life circumstances, we will overlook the antidote for the changes we are seeking, which can only be found within the  present moment.

~ WOW ~

Window 401 – The power of giving


When we pull together to help one another love expands, pain is diminished and faith is restored.

~ WOW ~

Window 400 – Waiting for what is right


When we settle for what we know is wrong for our life; not only do we deplete the energy of our spirit, but we may be passed over, by that which is right for us.

~ WOW ~

Window 398 – Dress in Love


When we walk in love our skin color, physical appearance and material accessories become obsolete; because a true state of love outshines everything.

~ WOW ~

Window 397 – We are all equal


If our blessings place us upon a pedestal above others within our thoughts, our actions will be a disgrace within the thoughts of others.

~ WOW ~

Window 396 – Walk in truth


We can deny what we know to be true, but the truth can never be contained from being revealed.

~ WOW ~