Window 422 – Hold onto what you dream


When what we dream does not come to fruition by the path of what we envisioned, it does not mean it is not coming; it is just taking a different route that will be better for our well-being.

We must never give up the dream, because it was put in us by the Divine as a glimpse of what is coming.

~ WOW ~


8 thoughts on “Window 422 – Hold onto what you dream

  1. Holding on to my dreams, had become beaten down by life and put my dreams on the backburner, but I can feel them surfacing again, got to hold on to them for they are too big to give up on! Thanks WOW!

    • You have to always remember that your dreams are put in you by spirit…and then remember that darkness will always try to keep your dream from coming to light, but if you keep your faith, trust and knowing that your dreams are real… they will come to light.. and they never come to light in the way we hope or think they will.. they come when we are ready and when everything is aligned.

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