Window 427 – Replay of past pain


The internal triggers  of negative behavior that we are desperately trying to change, will surface repeatedly, until we change our reaction.

~ WOW ~

Window 426 – Divine Knowing


When you know that you are connected to the greatest of the Divine; you also know that all setbacks and hardships in life take place to place you the perfect situation for your destiny to become fulfilled and to fulfill the destiny of others who cross your path while you are in the situation.

~ WOW ~

Window 425 – Make a change if you are unhappy


We are never confined to the choices we have made that are depleting our spirit… because we always have the option to change and redefine ourselves, from the wisdom gained through the experience of what we chose.

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Window 423 – Love is the way


To follow the path of the Divine all one must do is walk in love.

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Window 422 – Hold onto what you dream


When what we dream does not come to fruition by the path of what we envisioned, it does not mean it is not coming; it is just taking a different route that will be better for our well-being.

We must never give up the dream, because it was put in us by the Divine as a glimpse of what is coming.

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Window 421 – Riding a merry-go-round


The imprints of our foot steps can only become set in stone; if  we continue walking backwards into the same old steps, out of the  fear of taking a new route.

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