window 458 – Love out shines everything

photo(278)When the seed’s of love bloom, everything else that is not of love begins to fade.
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Window 456 – Become the real you

photo(276)We can only make a transformation when we can see that a change is needed and when we are willing to do the work to make the change.
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Window 455 – Choose love



photo(275)Every choice we make will leave a mark, but if we know our intentions before we choose, our mark will not leave a scar.
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Window 454 – The truth behind the view


Whatever one represents their life to be for the naked eye see, does not mean it is a true representation of what their life really is… so look with eyes with wide open, so you don’t become stuck in envy, of a false reality.

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Window 453 – Windows of opportunity


Within every life situation there is always a door or window that is open for us to change our direction when we have chosen the wrong route… and all we have to do is just walk through the opening

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