Window 454 – The truth behind the view


Whatever one represents their life to be for the naked eye see, does not mean it is a true representation of what their life really is… so look with eyes with wide open, so you don’t become stuck in envy, of a false reality.

~ WOW ~

5 thoughts on “Window 454 – The truth behind the view

      • Dear Sarah, You made me laugh with that one. The tick bite on my neck is improving, thank you 😉 My “neck of the world” is waiting for more winter weather, according to the first email I read this morning- confirmed by the sky. There is a n’oreaster blowing up the coast which may bring lots of rain/heavy snow today into tomorrow, from the coast about 120 miles or so inland. I hope our birds have found some shelter. Best wishes to you today, and everyday WG

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