Window 496 – Walking in love

photo(315) To remain in a state of love when engaged in a negative and hurtful conversation is when the whispers from the Divine, are being heard.
~ WOW ~

Window 495 – Wounds from words

photo(314)The bones that sticks and stones break heal; but the emotional pains injected from words of hate, remain an internal wound forever.

 When we are in an emotional state, we must stop and think from love, before we speak.
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Window 494 – Self doubt

photo(312)The course of self destruction begins, when we question the guidance of what our inner knowing is screaming for us to follow.
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Window 491 – Living the best you

photo(309)Let go of regrets and just absorb the gift of right now…as though you are stepping back in time to replay what you wish you would have done differently.
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Window 490 – You are more than your thoughts

photo(308)When dysfunction becomes our comfortable state of living and we cling to drama rather than creating peace, our low self-esteem is running our life.
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Window 489 – The depth of light

photo(307)When the light can only be seen as brightness, the heart is disconnected from the view; but when the light is seen with depth of your spirit, the vision of brightness will cause you to weep.
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Window 488 – You are how you live

photo(310)If our sacred space is cluttered, so is our mind.
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Window 487 – Surrounded by love

photo(309)When a crowd of people connect through the view of something loving, it feels like a glimpse of what heaven must be like.
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