Window 495 – Wounds from words

photo(314)The bones that sticks and stones break heal; but the emotional pains injected from words of hate, remain an internal wound forever.

 When we are in an emotional state, we must stop and think from love, before we speak.
~ WOW ~

8 thoughts on “Window 495 – Wounds from words

  1. I love the way this is worded especially the “Stop and think from Love before we speak”, this is so true!

  2. Emotional wounds are forever? do we really want to believe we are this helpless? There are two sides to this issue – one is, the appropriateness and kindness of what we say. But the other side is, how do we receive or engage meanness? We don’t have to choose hopeless victim consciousness. If someone says a mean, untrue thing about you, you know it’s not true, so why even give it or them the time of day? why be automatically wounded forever?

    So, I wholeheartedly agree with “be kind”. I just think one can be resilient and not powerless in the face of meanness.

    “ALWAYS promote kindness, compassion, openness and understanding. Let this be what you and yours broadcast out into the world. Let others know that this should be EVERYONE’S priority.

    BUT when you are on the RECEIVING end of hate, don’t let yourself get sucked into the downward spiral and the trap of victim consciousness. Claim your POWER to be kind, compassionate, open and understanding. STAND your ground because you know those words are nonsense and aren’t worth engaging.”

    • Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts… I agree with you 100% and my simple statement was not to say be a victim or believe the words spewed…. It was just a play on the old rhyme of “sticks and stones will break my bones and names will never hurt me”… I heard a child yell that the other day but then cry to his mother about the words yelled… The affected him and I wondered how long will he carry them?… Words unfortunately replay in our thoughts even when they are not true. thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      • I read somewhere that when we have an emotional reaction to something, it takes 90 seconds to run through one’s body. That’s the initial reaction. After that, we can choose to replay those 90 seconds over and over. I thought that was really interesting.

        I think what we have to be careful about, is teaching our kids that they can’t recover, or that they have to hold onto the pain that was caused. There are lots of sayings that, maybe it’s not intended or not thought about, but if you look at what is said, it reinforces victimhood. I guess I’m just saying it’s helpful to be aware of this and to be careful.

        Thanks for the discussion!!

      • I read that too! I agree with you, we can recover it is all about attention to the present and letting go of what someone else has an opinion about or is just passing on their own hurt so they are not alone in their suffering. We are not what anyone thinks of us, and if we are and we are bothered by that then all we have to do is change.

        Thank you for your input!

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