Window 506 – When we speak from our ego

photo(325)When our reaction is like a strike of a snake bite, our ego has been deflated.
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Window 505 – peace from within

photo(323)Inner peace becomes rattled when the distraction of material things take precedence over peace.
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Window 504 – Set your pain free

download“The things that cause us discomfort will bring comfort to our soul, if we face it, instead of running away.”

The situations that illuminate our old behavior are the exact situations that we must face head on, in order to cleanse the baggage that is attached to the darkness within us.
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Window 502 – A blanket of kindness


photo(321)The smallest act of kindness can be the greatest comfort  in our darkest hour, if we are able to see the greatness, in that which is little.
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Window 501 – Truth from the heart

photo(320)Cut the ties to  things that keep your mind spinning; so that the voice of your heart can show you all the blessings that are being overlooked.
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Window 500 – A change of thought

photo(319)Our emotional pain is magnified by the energy of our thoughts; so we must surrender to what was so what will be can be seen with untainted eyes of the past.
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Window 499 – Surviving the storm


photo(318)Everything we struggle with will continually resurface until we have absorbed the depth of the lesson and retained the wisdom.
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Window 498 – Find your light

photo(317)It takes only one person to see the light within us for us to  shine; so look for the light in others, so we can all shine together to block out darkness.
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Window 497 – We are made the same

photo(316)People may become detached from the voice of their heart, but even beneath their negative behavior, they still have one and can reconnect to it.
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