Window 528 – Find the beauty in everyone


Whenever we judge another person on their appearance; we are stating that we are better and above them… when in reality, it is our own ugliness within that is showing.

~ WOW ~

Window 527 – Mind control

10441402_773517742698929_8493311671566940260_nWhen our physical appearance and financial status are no longer seen as the validation for one’s worth, the heart of the majority will have awakened from the power of the mind.

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Window 526 – We cannot force a change

1509326_698534690197235_1379828692_nWhen we are ready to awaken to another level of our higher self, the pathway will be illuminated for us.  So instead of wasting our energy on searching; we must surrender to Divine timing.

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Window 525 – Love wins

10505330_10203993287850117_5157094207439103756_n~ Photo by, Sandy Mulford~

If everyone could feel love at the same time, darkness could not survive.

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Window 524 – The walk of faith


It takes a strong faith to follow the Divine whispers of guidance, along with  a thick skin, for enduring the ridicule that comes with going against the mainstream of society.

but the journey is more rewarding than any mainstream vision of spectacular, could ever be .

~ WOW ~

Window 523 – The view of truth

1781938_701431539907550_1466636306_nWhen we continue to walk backwards in our life, we are embarrassed to face the view of who we have allowed our self to become and fearful to take the steps of change.

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Window 520 – We can always do better

photo(322)Within our first thoughts of wanting to become a better person, we have already begun.
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Window 519 – What we were, is not what we are

photo(321)~How can we put our trust in a stranger to tell us what we were in a past life when they are not Great Spirit.~

If the universe wanted us to remember any of the past lives that we may  have lived, that memory would have been placed in us for this journey… so don’t waste energy on the wonder of something you cannot recall… or put your trust and money into some corner psychic… just learn from the past that you can remember… and be the best you.
~ WOW ~