Window 524 – The walk of faith


It takes a strong faith to follow the Divine whispers of guidance, along with  a thick skin, for enduring the ridicule that comes with going against the mainstream of society.

but the journey is more rewarding than any mainstream vision of spectacular, could ever be .

~ WOW ~

6 thoughts on “Window 524 – The walk of faith

  1. Beautifully said wow. And it is so perfect, that that choice to step into what our heart believes will only be made when you are ready, otherwise our fear of what others may think keeps us at bay 🙂 And once chosen, we look back at that time of decision, and ‘know’ its wisdom. Namaste

  2. I love this! 🙂 It seems that we have all been trained to be such logical creatures that the most natural response is to resist those “Divine whispers”. At the very start of my spiritual awakening, I understood that those who were amused by my ideas had not been so fortunate yet to see just how amazing the universe really is.

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