Window 538 – Nothing to prove

10487410_271025179750779_2716038825184460099_nIf we have to prove to others the extent of who we are, we are trying to prove to our self, that we are worthy…  we have nothing to prove, because we are worth everything, even with nothing.

~ WOW ~


4 thoughts on “Window 538 – Nothing to prove

  1. And when I truly understood, the load that it releases is amazing 🙂 Thank you, it is a very profound comment, even though it may seem obvious, implementing it is a journey in itself, but once done you really feel the beauty within, and have at last found your true self. Namaste

  2. It is all great, and the self you wanna prove must actually be something you are not. Cause what you are is always present and its proof is constantly mirrored in everything! :D, that being said, We have also been given the chance to be somebody, why not fulfill that opportunity too? Did the Absolute make a mistake in this regard…

    • 🙂 I agree with you… the self you wanna prove is something you are not… and yes we all are somebody great! there are no mistakes and no one is absolute! :)))))) Thank you for stopping by I enjoy sharing thoughts.

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