Window 589 – The core of your choices

13855_779559965428040_2210730077085065024_nWhen we make our choice from a place of fear, we are only choosing to stay in our comfort zone,over choosing what is right.

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Window 588 – Voice your fears

10501838_788252384558798_1554966187845793355_nWhen we hold in what we stress and fear, we create a tornado of internal negative energy, that will surface unjustly over something trivial that does not pertain to our stress and fear.

Voice what you fear and what causes you worry, even if you can only voice it aloud in private… because once you say it aloud, it diminishes the fuse of  negative energy that is trying to explode internally.

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Window 586 – We cannot change our past to blend with our future

photo(110)We cannot fully evolve if we are trying to incorporate our past into our present; mixing old energy with the new, diminishes the power of the steps we made to get to where we are.

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Window 585 – The war between our heart and mind

10599595_797013977015972_2972855113346634827_nEvery time we become filled with anger and frustration, we have drifted off coarse… the only way to get back on track, is to find a view of love to snap us out of our ego and back into the wisdom and understanding of our heart.

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Window 584 – True beauty, is within the physical shell

10255280_798302313553805_8402375757550297776_nWhen we can let go of the flaws we see within our self-image … we allow our inner spirit  to shine through us, to which the spirit of who we are is all that is seen.

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Window 583 – Evil should not be entertainment

10612993_798396720211031_8161108190245606349_nA mind that can create evil doings as a form of entertainment for others, is a mind that hears darkness clearly and has never heard the voice of their heart.

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Window 582 – Take pride in every task

10488302_773506442700059_4566841614393559629_nDo your best even when no one is watching.

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Window 581 – It can all change with the right thinking

10532779_311418672371144_6521498185951611162_nWhen we feel stuck, we must return to the same type of thinking that gave us the freedom, to take steps in our past.

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Window 580 – Only give from your heart

10351966_1466023563668472_7285810661401269146_nWhen we go against the core of who we are to pacify  the feelings or wishes  of another, we deplete our spirit and pass on negative energy to the person we are trying to please.

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