Window 579 – A spiritual push

10556317_10204273489574985_6806896373828011534_nPhoto by, Sandy Mulford

When nothing makes sense, the universe is shaking things up to ready us for a needed shift of consciousness.

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Window 577 – Reactions from past pain

10533441_863823633658219_3878004930468754357_nWhen you can see beneath the surface of another persons  negative reaction, you are viewing with eyes of the  heart… to which empathy overrides the place of judgement.

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Window 576 – The mind keeps you seeking love, outside yourself


Happiness through material fulfillment, is just trickery of the mind… for the core of true happiness can only grow from love within.

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Window 574 – Change is always coming

10478928_805887659461937_6424059993707460054_nThe moment your mind tells you to give up, you must hold on, because the pain is always the most unbearable right before a change.

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Window 573 – Energy is the game changer


When we are full in spirit, the feeling of emptiness begins to fill.

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Window 572 – The light is always shining within

10616678_816318048418898_6060434084860052529_nThe light within us will always emerge, when we call on the Divine to help us face a  dark situation.

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Window 571 – acknowledge your pain

10384210_808332565884113_6766312633543593602_nNo matter how hard we try distract ourselves through doing…we will eventually have to face our pain within. So stop procrastinating and face what is head on, so you can spread your wings and fly.

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Window 570 – Embrace the unknown

10295713_10152234113178978_3438302634098851977_nA structured path keeps you walking in the same direction without growth.

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