Window 621 – Acknowledge the pain you see in another

IMG_0537It takes one person to notice the  silent pain within  another, that will help release the emotion that is being carried internally… be that person, look beneath the surface, so no one feels alone in there suffering.

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Window 620 – Fear will keep you stranded

IMG_0495When we become content in dysfunction, the fear of a change is keeping us stagnant.

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Window 618 – The power of a thought



No matter what we voice allowed to appear peaceful, if the energy of our thoughts are impure we will not only  taint our appearance, but we will also wound others.

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Window 617 – The energy you put out, will return to you

FullSizeRender(19)If we cannot celebrate others on their blessings and joy, we will forever remain stagnate in envy. 

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Window 615 – Remain awake

IMG_0227(2)When the energy of what is going on around us changes us, we have become entangled in the web of the mind.

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