Window 614 – The truth will always show up

FullSizeRender(17)When we turn our head to the truth, the truth will hunt us down until we face it and respond in truth.

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Window 613 – Don’t try to be something your not

IMG_0364You don’t need to belong to anything to fit in… just be you and you will fit into everything that connects with the core of who you are.

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Window 612 – Moving forward

IMG_0353When the view of your past appears as a life that you never lived, you have evolved from the pain.

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Window 611- Let it go and just do better

IMG_0457 The energy of guilt  will not change what you regret, it will only control your tomorrow.

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Window 610 – Be a helping hand

IMG_0312A drop of encouragement is like an ocean of love to someone who feels completely broken.  If we all become a drop, everyone will swim and no one will feel like they are drowning.

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Window 609 – Find the blessings in what is


When we can see the blessings within the present, what we dream will arrive in splendor beyond our imagination.

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photo by, Rhylie Crosswhite