Window 637- The release of blame


It does not take endless steps to find forgiveness, it just takes the love of one’s self, to not allow the pain of a situation, to become our pain in every avenue of our life.

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Photo: By Marshall Evan Photography


Window 636 – Stop trying to be and just be


When we remove the labels we use to describe our selves, the  depth of who we  truly are illuminates, without any effort.

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Window 635 – release the need to control

IMG_0634Those who try to control others are out of control internally… because if one is in  a state of inner peace, they do not fear another persons free will.

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Window 634 – An eye for an eye just leaves you blind


Revenge will not fulfill the hole of emptiness that has formed within us from the pain and suffering we have endured, it will only deepen the hole.

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Window 633 – Help others find there inner light

IMG_0635To be a positive impact upon another persons journey, actually leaves a bigger impact within the journey of our own.

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Window 631 – The presence of love

IMG_0456Love is not a thought process, it just emerges from your heart.

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Window 629 – Say yes

FullSizeRender(24)When we release the need to control and just say yes, perfection of the moment arises, without trying to be perfect.

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Window 628 – An awakened state

IMG_0586(2)We are at our absolute best, when we are absorbed in the moment.

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