Window 636 – Stop trying to be and just be


When we remove the labels we use to describe our selves, the  depth of who we  truly are illuminates, without any effort.

~ WOW ~

12 thoughts on “Window 636 – Stop trying to be and just be

    • I totally understand what you are saying… everyone feels the need to state what we do and who we are but when you let go of that you are free to just be and people meet you and see you without preconceived thoughts.

      • I love that~ I just spoke with some high priced mentors who wanted to help me start a business with my little notes. It didn’t feel right. I have a couple of really great mentors. One suggested making some money now and I got all confused.. One said I need to speak the language of others.. I turned away from that and am trusting my own intuition. I really appreciate your notes. ❤ I know I will find my way.

      • You will find your way for sure! I always feel like we are tested to see if we will wait for what we want to unfold or will we push to make it happen in our own time…It is all very confusing at times but you are doing the right thing in following your intuition… you will know it is the right move, the right fit for you and the right direction when what comes aligns with what your heart desires.

      • Thank you so much for saying what I know in my heart. These people used all the right language.. but I didn’t feel what they were saying. Your words mean so much right now. I am really finding out who the real true healers and mentors are.. with or without labels and high price tags.

      • Laurie, you said it… it’s not about the money or EGO! I see it all the time and it makes me crazy esp when I see people getting taken advantage of… but if you did not experience it you would not know what you know at this moment, so it is a win! Just fyi… a true healer will never call them self a healer and if they are claiming to be something run for the hills because even if they have some sort of ability it is being tainted by their ego aka darkness and they are off balance and cannot heal.

      • It was the new “mentors” who said that about the language stuff. Yes, there are preconceived thoughts about mentors and coaches,… I started to look for a new word and then decided to stop looking for words. 🙂

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