Window 668 – Facing the depth of truth


Without humility, one cannot face the truth within and own whatever it reveals.

~ WOW ~

Window 667 – The boomerang of energy


Any dagger of negativity that we throw upon another, will return to us in a similar form of energy.

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Window 666 – Connecting to one’s pain


When our  view of another persons pain is just  a glance with a  foggy view, judgment will detour us from compassion and empathy.

But if we can see ourselves within the pain of another, our heart will connect and be of great comfort.

~ WOW ~

Window 665 – Look from the end back


Every choice we make will either pull us closer to the way of the Divine or push us farther away.

So we must think deeply before making emotional choices, to ensure that the intent of our actions, will remain aligned with the way.

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Window 664 – The Greatest connection


Everyone is capable of hearing the voice of Great Spirit; but in order to recognize  the sound of his voice, one must stop trying to hear with their mind.

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Window 663 – Isolated thoughts


When you cannot connect to the actions or ideas of what is going on in the mainstream world, it does not mean you are an outcast or misfit… it just means that you are more connected  to the vibration of the Divine.

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Window 662 – Our choices become us


Every time we make a conscious choice to respond from love, we diminish the need to choose… because love becomes our only view.

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Window 661 – Fear creates Judgement


When we are in fear of what we cannot understand, taking a stand against it, is not the answer… It’s the problem.

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Window 660 – The depth of stillness


Within the stillness of a moment, everything continues to move, but can be seen in depth, with the eyes of your spirit.

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Window 659 – You are worth loving


When you treat yourself like you would your best friend, all the negative chatter begins to shift  into love.

~ WOW ~