Window 639 – Love can open a sealed door

IMG_0673(3)When we are in a place  of love, Anything is possible.

~ WOW ~


11 thoughts on “Window 639 – Love can open a sealed door

    • Hi! Well… when we are in a place of love, meaning in heart, ( not in love) but actually in love with seeing love, our view of what is changes, we see things with a depth that cannot be described, just felt and within that view, which I call connected… all possibilities are endless, because of the depth that is known in heart.
      I hope you are well.

      • But how long can we be in heart or love. This question because I have felt what it is when you are connected but problem is it is not so easy or practical to stay there for long. All kinds of fear approach you and your mind immediately takes over. Mind wants continuous activity while feeling heart is inactivity where you are only feeling but nothing really changes outside unless you have the same connection on both the sides. In that case our possibilities look imaginary and we are compelled to go back to our mental state. Rather we return with a hurt heart.

      • no it is NOT easy, it is something that will forever be challenge… The mind never stops, it never changes triggers… it knows our insecurities and fears and therefore it knows exactly how to distract us but… When you awaken to know the verbiage, it becomes easier to tune it out… there are always two voices and the heart is never negative, only truth.The voice of the heart is never inactive, it is just the voice of the mind that is overactive trying to distract us… I call the mind a bully, so when the negative thoughts flood of judgment, fear and useless chatter… the bully only trying to keep us from growing and becoming who we are meant to be…and from walking in truth.The more you become aware of what voice you are hearing, the more you will be able to sit and think in the silence or whisper of your heart.

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