Window 655 – See beyond your own view

1978606_725799154137455_120187115_nWhen the perception of where our own emotional  pain stems from is all that we can see, we will never understand the pain that was suffered by our inflictor, that became a part of us.

Therefore the pain we own, will be passed on to another, unless we awaken our view.

~ WOW ~


4 thoughts on “Window 655 – See beyond your own view

    • Laurie, I know what you are saying and I it is also my greatest wish not to pass on my pain… All we can do is be alert and do our best. one thing you need to ponder is … is your pain all yours? or are you carrying your ancestors.

      • Yes. I have figured out that there is a long line.. I have done much healing with my mom and daughter and will continue to.. I also find I am able to tap into this pain that is more than just my family. I realize I can only do my part too. Thank you so much for the note. I always appreciate it.

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