Window 679 – The repercussions of knowing the Divine


When one is awakening and focused on the path of Divine light, the more one will be tested by darkness… but those who are oblivious to the power of Divine light are never tormented, because they are already in the clutches  of darkness, without even knowing it.

~ WOW ~


4 thoughts on “Window 679 – The repercussions of knowing the Divine

    • Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts… I am not sure I understand what you mean by destiny? or if I am sure… this is what I was trying to convey… those who do not seek to know the light or try to follow the right road… are no threat to darkness… darkness aka Satan wants to recruit as many people as possible, to pull them away from light aka God, Jesus… so when we are not in focus of light we are not attacked by darkness, because we have no clue… but when we are connected and know the light exists, darkness is always on our back being a pain in our side with mind chatter, emotional pain and random punches from others. yes you might say that everyone endures the blows of darkness and yes that is true, but when you stand up for the light you are a threat and therefore the gloves are off so to speak…. Not sure if that explains what you were asking but it is just what i have endured and know to be.:)

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