Window 728 – The depth of what we have done

10517455_805668339502997_7799457220778074923_nWhen we are able to  see and openly admit the worst parts of our self, we are actually being our complete best.

 When we call out our darkness within, we are calling out darkness… for if we keep it hidden, it will forever linger and resurface.

~ WOW ~

Window 727 – Re- charge your spirit


The energy we give away in helping others, must be recharged or it will leave us drained… to which everything negative will surface and we become the one in need, of a helping hand.

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Window 726 – Pause and ponder


If our actions do not coincide with our intentions, then we are not being authentic…for clear intentions are acted out with pure heart and not a spinning mind.

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Window 725 – Silence brings clarity


The biggest obstacle of awakening spiritually, is the chatter of our thoughts… but when we can turn them off everything becomes clearer.

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Window 724 – Trust your senses


The first inkling of uneasiness that comes from the energy of another person, is actually a whisper of guidance, warning us to proceed with caution and stay alert…for the uneasiness we are feeling is a warranted  and not just something created within our mind.

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Window 723 – Clearing the chaos


In order to transform our internal chaos into peace; we must first find the love for our self, which will awaken us to  stop placing ourselves within situations that are unloving for our spirit .

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Window 722 – The tone of our delivery


Gentle words of spoken truth are absorbed easier, than the truth spoken in anger.

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Window 721 – Hidden messages


Within every difficult situation there is a spiritual teaching… and if you can still your thoughts, the message will illuminate effortlessly.

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Window 720 – Everything is possible


That what seems impossible is completely obtainable, when you have faith in yourself and God… and the fight to face your fear.

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Window 719 – Keep your thoughts contained


Refrain from voicing your negative thoughts; because once they are voiced aloud, they attach to an energy that will bring them to life.

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