Window 703 – Dark whispers

1507184_856654267718609_2070981902601788138_n Darkness is always the whisper that tries to pull us back into thoughts and people of our past, to prevent us from evolving fully  into the present.

The repeat of old rhetoric is the only tool that darkness has to use, to try to lure us away from the calling of our spirit.

~ WOW ~

4 thoughts on “Window 703 – Dark whispers

  1. I so needed to see this today…. I was really dwelling in the past today, past hurts, past disappointments, and people who have wronged me in the past. Your post put into perspective why I was thinking this way today… I need to learn how to turn the negative thoughts off permanently… Thank you, and I hope that GOD continues to use you to help others like me…Thank you WOW

  2. I have been lately in the land of poor memories. There is no joy here. These thoughts mean nothing…..I know. Sometimes they appear in abundance and tenacity disregarding all my disregarding. This too shall pass until the next time.

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