Window 724 – Trust your senses


The first inkling of uneasiness that comes from the energy of another person, is actually a whisper of guidance, warning us to proceed with caution and stay alert…for the uneasiness we are feeling is a warranted  and not just something created within our mind.

~ WOW ~

7 thoughts on “Window 724 – Trust your senses

  1. Oh WOW this is soooo true….a few people immediately came to mind. I’ve always had a feeling of uneasiness around these people…. just their body language, negative and nasty attitudes have completely turned me off from these people, a couple of them I’ve know a lifetime , and another 5 plus years….Well I decided that I’m done with toxic people, and have almost completely backed off from them….There is most definitely distance….This is just validation that I’m doing the right thing….thanks WOW! Great post! You help me so much, thank you.

    • Hi Tamizbu!I completely understand what you are saying… all toxicity drains our spirit. pulling away from certain people can be a painful process and it has nothing to do with those people, it is just for our own peace and growth.Happy that you are cleaning house! always remember this… when you remove toxicity, you make room for others with your same thinking to enter your life.

      • Thank you WOW, your advice is well received! I’m so looking forward to new and positive people to enter my life. Thank you for your kind words and your wisdom…Your post seem to speak to me…Thanks WOW and well wishes to you!

  2. Our intuition is really amazing and something to cherish and expand. The more we recognise it, the more we will see its function 🙂 … lovely post.

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