Window 721 – Hidden messages


Within every difficult situation there is a spiritual teaching… and if you can still your thoughts, the message will illuminate effortlessly.

~ WOW ~

Window 720 – Everything is possible


That what seems impossible is completely obtainable, when you have faith in yourself and God… and the fight to face your fear.

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Window 719 – Keep your thoughts contained


Refrain from voicing your negative thoughts; because once they are voiced aloud, they attach to an energy that will bring them to life.

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Window 718 – Spiritual tests


God does not test us… it is darkness that tests our love,faith and loyalty to God.

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Window 717 – How we speak, speaks volumes


Our reaction is what activates every response and outcome; therefore if we pause before we speak, our words will be spoken from our heart in truth, instead of through our ego in defense.

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Window 716 – Turn to love in every situation


Love is the antidote for everything; but the only way it will work, is if we stop listening to our mind and fully follow the guidance of our heart.

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Window 715 – The truth of our emotions


When we try to pretend that we have our negative emotions under control, the clock begins to tick and there will be an explosion.

When we feel emotional, negative or suddenly depressed; we must really look at the source of those feelings ( which will be found beneath the surface) and by looking, we avoid exploding over an unwarranted issue.

~ WOW~