Window 734 – Spreading pain


The meanest people are the one’s suffering the most; that is why they lash out at others, so they don’t have to suffer alone in their pain.

~ WOW ~

6 thoughts on “Window 734 – Spreading pain

    • It is the truth alright… so sad but so true.I just saw a thing on the news about a news anchor that was pregnant and got hate mail telling her that she was the grossest person and how fat she was… It really disturbs me how people can be so evil, but yet I know it is evil behind their actions.

  1. My question is: WHY are they suffering in a 1st place? Are they spreading the pain which they were “spreaden with” long time ago? WHERE are the roots of that pain? & HOW we can “unspread” it, because obviously we all are suffering? Thank U for the answers!

    • I feel like they don’t know the root of where there pain stems, it just has become a part of them and that is all they know… but if you can get them alone and touch there heart it is the beginning of release. I think a person has to be ready and sick and tired of being angry in order to awaken… or they will have a life changing situation take place to point them back to love.

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