Window 849 – Knower of everything = ego


When our ego takes over, we begin to only see the “me”, in every situation and anything to do with “we” disappears.

~ WOW ~

Window 848 – Dark distractions


Everything that begins to irritate us, is a jab from darkness, to try an distract us  from Divine thinking.

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Window 847 – The future is our canvas


Don’t let your past mistakes hold you hostage in guilt, and don’t allow others to guilt you into doing things, because of what you did in your past.

Nothing in our past can be changed, but from every moment forward we have the opportunity to be the opposite, of everything we regret.

 ~ WOW ~

Window 846 – untraveled territory


Every sharp turn that spins us down a road unknown,  lands us exactly where we are meant to be, to learn our greatest lessons. 

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Window 845 – Wishing, Waiting, Wanting


Everything that is meant to be a part of our earthly journey, will arrive at the perfect time… so we must stop trying make things happen and stop stressing over the date and time of its arrival…. for if it is truly meant to be, it will arrive.

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Window 844 – Every word packs a punch


The struggle of personal acceptance begins with the first negative comment that we hear.

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Window 843 – Push through your pain


Jesus  sweated blood In his darkest hour; but he did not take his own life to avoid enduring the journey laid before him, even when he knew what was coming… So we cannot give up…We are not facing anything that he had to endure and he is our example of true strength and greatness.

 Jesus knows the pain of what we are enduring and he is the only one who can pull us through it…so we must lean on him, and  push through our hardest times and know that he is right beside us.  Don’t give up, because our darkest hour always turns into our greatest gift of light.

~ WOW ~

Window 842 – The insight of our silent thoughts


To sit alone with our thoughts, reveals our internal battles…but it also can be the seat of awakening, to find inner peace.

~WOW ~

Window 841 – Love accepts everyone and everything


It is not our place to judge… we are supposed to learn acceptance, through that which is different, from our personal bubble of a background.

  We are connected to everyone that is different; because we are all connected and we are all different, so in choosing to just be loving, we become pure love.

~ WOW ~

Window 840 – Be you, no matter what


It is our differences that make each of us unique… so don’t allow yourself to blend in,for you will disappear.

~ WOW ~