Window 833 – change is meant to change us


Everything that changes, helps the spirit of who we truly are, to emerge.

~ WOW ~

3 thoughts on “Window 833 – change is meant to change us

    • True that… and it is so scary at times, but when we can let go and take direction from the universe it all seems to work out… we only crash and burn on our own… now I am not saying the universe is going to always make the road easier… there will be time when things are so difficult that we feel like we cannot make it, and it is in those times that we grow the most even when we feel we are broken. But from my experience on this road, I know for a fact that what ever happens it is just what I need for my own growth and awakening.

      • Yes, everything is always helping us with our growth and awakening 🙂 I appreciate your comment and the wisdom in your words. Blessings, Lisa

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