Window 835 – Freedom of heart


~If we cannot be free to be who we are, we must to fly away to protect our spirit.~

If we have to stifle the words we want to speak, to accommodate another persons lack of control in a response… we will be screaming   internally with no outlet of release…  which places stress on our internal organs and breaks our spirit.

~ WOW ~

3 thoughts on “Window 835 – Freedom of heart

    • Lisa I am so happy for the connection… so funny you mention Bali… I am so drawn to going there, I actually thought I would move there at one point but the universe brought me to a smaller version of Bali. Blessings to you.

      • Awesome! Sounds like Bali has been calling you. I’d love to go back there again. There is an energy about Bali that makes you feel wrapped in complete unconditional love and everything else just seems to melt away. It’s simply beautiful. Blessings, Lisa

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