Window 845 – Wishing, Waiting, Wanting


Everything that is meant to be a part of our earthly journey, will arrive at the perfect time… so we must stop trying make things happen and stop stressing over the date and time of its arrival…. for if it is truly meant to be, it will arrive.

~ WOW ~

7 thoughts on “Window 845 – Wishing, Waiting, Wanting

    • neither just remain in the moment , instead of spinning in wonder… work for, I would say that means just doing your best… Just being content and seeing the blessings right in front of you.

    • Gosh Wendell your words just brought me to tears… you have no idea… but when I read your poems I say to myself… I wish I could express myself like he does in such a beautiful way. So your very kind words mean so much. Thank you! I truly appreciate your words and I am so happy for the connection.

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