Window 910 – Peace does not come easy


It takes more strength NOT to respond in the same manner of that which attacks us, than it does to lower ones self to the level of anger and hate… But walking in grace is a silent win, that leaves great effects on our heart and crushes our ego.

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Window 909 – The choice is ours


We always hold the power of choice, so we cannot blame others, for that which we chose.

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Window 908 – Our children are the future


~ Children will take ownership of their parents disconnection from love.~

Every breakup that involves a child being shared between to parents,  is an opportunity for the parents to either be a teacher of what true love is, (by putting the child above their emotions and remaining communicative friends)… or they can teach a child what hate is, (by only seeing the faults in someone  who was once love.)

Our actions are absorbed by our children and will either boost their internal love, or  create wounds within them… so parents must put aside their own issues and keep the hearts of their children full of love, to help their future relationships.

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Window 907 – what are you waiting for


procrastination always delivers stress and disappointment…So what are you waiting for… do it now.

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Window 906 – Don’ give up


When we push through our fear we gain strength, but when we remain frozen in fear, we weaken in mind, heart and spirit. So keep moving.

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Window 904 – Steps to peace


Inner peace can only be obtained through silencing the mind… which can only be done when we awaken to the fact that we are not in control… and accept that fact.

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