Window 907 – what are you waiting for


procrastination always delivers stress and disappointment…So what are you waiting for… do it now.

~ WOW ~

5 thoughts on “Window 907 – what are you waiting for

      • I must add……once upon a time I realized that while I was attending to the things that I really didn’t want to do and working my way down the list…..I noticed that I never got to the happy things. So I may now start my list with something that I love to do and that also makes easier all the stuff that I would wish to put off. I don’t call it procrastination but rather feeding my soul. Works better for me.

      • Well as long as we get it done it does not matter what order! I used to put things off too, but for me I get it over with and then I don’t have the dread… I guess I do the opposite, I get done what I dislike and what must be done and than my reward is doing what brings me total joy… however, I am trying very hard to see the joy in that which I do not like so much and it is working!

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