Window 1002 -Faith brings peace

imagesT746IGGCPeace is not taught or gifted, it comes from within; through the knowing that we are not in control of what is happening, but only the control of how we process and react, to what is happening.

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Window 1001 -Keep your eye on your own journey


Every journey is unique; so for us to judge the way of another, is just wasting thoughts and energy, that we should be applied to our own walk.

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Window 1000 – Don’t be trapped by past emotions

images1VWA67LNOur fears from past pain will always arise, when we are faced with echo’s of similar pain… but we must remember that our old feelings, are not the present moment.

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Window 999 -Darkness may bury love, but it cannot destory it

imagesE69X0EDAOne can never give away to much love, for love does not create evil in people … it is darkness alone, that destroys the love within loving people, without them even knowing it is happening.

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Window 998 – Look at the energy you give off

imagesK2IULGV6We can either enhance the beauty around us or destroy it with our energy, for our energy either blooms and grows or turns to weeds.

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Window 996 -Jesus is the gift

imagesFCNXU014Today is not a day of presents… it is supposed to be a day of presence… be present as to what this day is truly about… And give a present to Jesus, by remembering what today really means.

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