Window 989 – Keep going

imagesUWE8YXT4No matter how dark  a situation may appear, something beautiful will emerge from it.

~ WOW ~

11 thoughts on “Window 989 – Keep going

  1. Oh, yeah…hallelujah wow! It may not be seen straight away, but it is always there 🙂
    And a Merry Christmas to you and yours my friend, and a huge thank you for all your blessings in the wisdom of your words throughout the year. Accepted with gratitude and the love that they were given. Thank you! xo

    • Mark!!!!!!!!! You are so very kind and I truly appreciate your friendship and connection in this blog world. Thank you so much! Wishing you a great holiday as well and may the new year be amazing and blessed. I really appreciate you!

  2. Oh it is great to stop by and catch up a little. I love this one. I always remember you wrote this to me when I was struggling a bit. Much gratitude. Wishing you a nice holiday season.
    Gratitude and Love Always,

    • I am reading the comments backwards… lol, I hope you are doing well, you have crossed my thoughts many times and I just sent you a prayer for everything great! Holiday was good and very quiet… Hope you had a good one. Thank you for your kindness always.

      • Awe! I was so happy to find this note. I love quiet holidays. Thank you for your prayers and kindness to. It is a joy to cross paths with you. Thank you. Blessings and love always,
        I think of the words you wrote me so often… about waiting a little longer and letting go of our timing. They have carried me to good things for sure. I have written my little books about my healing journey. It skqays leads me back to this quiet space and holding this space. I love that. Have a nice day.

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