Window 1033 – Be who you are at your core

imagesM9FTYMQUQuit being who you think you should be, and become who you already are in heart.

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Window 1032 -The moment is right now


When the moment we are in is forgotten, we were not truly absorbed in it to remember.

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Window 1031 – Forgive and get back in the game


Every time you get back up, you are winning… because no matter how loud your mind is screaming that you lost; staying down, is the only way to be defeated.

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Window 1030 – Don’t ignore what you fear


The longer we turn our head to what we don’t want to face, the more powerful the  collision will be, when we run out of turns.

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Window 1029 – Lack of control


If we become irritated by someone’s lack of understanding of what we are trying to communicate, it is we who is lacking in the  understanding of different minds…Irritation changes everything that we are trying to communicate.

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Window 1027 – You cannot run from your self


There is no place on earth we can run away to from our problems… the only way to rid our self from our internal suffering is to face it head on.

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