Window 1062 – Choose your internal words

8bd3de88b3ff79f80d44f1c7f5c43b32Every negative thought we speak toward our self takes root… so the only way to stop it from growing into fruition, is to override our  internal voices into what we desire to be… and the best way we can do that, is by being our own cheerleader, even .

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Window 1061 – Illuminate your true self


We must fight to keep our light bright, no matter what we are faced with and no matter how dim our light appears… for it is only through our fight to stay light, that we gain power, to blind out the darkness.

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Window 1059 – Heartfelt words are the real words


When we make statements with undertones of anger  without expressing the real issue… we are not expressing our true authentic self, we are allowing our ego to speak.

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Window 1058 – You are here for a reason

imagesG3EHMLL6Everyday that you wake up, you are fulfilling a Divine purpose… so stop searching for your purpose and just live it day by day.

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Window 1057 – Step up, no matter what

images074PHZ4CExtend a helping hand, even when you feel weak… because through giving, you strengthen from within, which makes you strong in all.

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