Window 1087 – Hiding in pain

imagesV459YEI2We can try to mask our pain; but it is the mask that creates the barrier, to hold us hostage…which only adds more pain and keeps us entrapped.

But when we acknowledge the pain, we can begin to work through it and throw away the mask.

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Window 1086 – Get to know the light within you

imagesUQTJU5LFIf you don’t have enough love for yourself, you will constantly lower yourself to situations that keep your self esteem low.

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Window 1085 – kindness is always the right choice

images3C3BKQ51Kindness does not take effort for it is who we all are at our core… it is hatred that takes the effort.

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Window 1084 – Pathways off the main road

imagesN3AWQOZ9The road less traveled has hidden treasures awaiting to be found, so take a different turn when your heart pulls you and see what appears.

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Window 1083 -Little voices


We can learn from young voices, for they have not been tainted by life… they are the vessel for pure wisdom, if you are humble enough to really listen.

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Window 1082 -A peaceful space

imagesZR0XI6LRIt doesn’t cost a thing to create your own sacred space…it just takes perseverance to keep it sacred, by keeping it free of negativity.

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Window 1081 – Everyone is a teacher

imagesZ980GNO2When we become agitated by another’s perception of us, we are fighting the truth that is being spoken.  For if the spoken words are not true, we would not be offended.

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