Window 1121 – See the beauty in who you are

imagesPD33UHBQAll of our relationships begin to change for the better, when we change the view of our self, to love.

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Window 1120 -The depth of our view

imagesB75KDMXOWhen our focus is solely on what others will think of us, we have blurred vision … for our focus should be on love, kindness, forgiveness and peace… for without them, our focus is a selfish material view.

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Window 1119 – Keeping our spirit in flight


To work without passion, breaks our spirit… therefore we must find our passion and work toward being able to live it, through our work… even if we have to work in another field, until we bring our passion to fruition.

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Window 1118 – Look closely at yourself

imagesX81LPEXQWhen we  are the great observer of what others are doing wrong, but cannot see our own faults, nor take advice from others with an open heart… it is we, who are in great need of an awakening moment, instead of trying to give one.

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Window 1117 -Listening to the wrong voice

imagesC25YN4EDThe voices that tell you that you are not right or good enough, are just dark voices  trying to keep you from seeing how great you are.

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Window 1115 – Work on being a better you


We cannot change  another persons behavior, we can only change how we think of them because of their behavior.

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