Window 1154 – Only listen when ego is speaking

imagesSilence is golden when face to face with someone who is only concerned with  their own perception of truth.

~ WOW ~


Window 1153 – Shake off the reaction of others


To overlook sharp daggers being thrown by either voice or dark stares, one must hold onto the knowing of God’s word, that we are not any less of a person, due to what another person thinks of us.

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Window 1152 – What you think matters

images0TNV8ZBZWhen we let our thoughts wonder, they take us to places that pull us away from love.

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Window 1151 – Look past what you see

images0HKZJD7ZThat which is different to us, is normal to others and vice versa.. so judge and be judged or accept, understand and appreciate what others judge.

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Window 1150 – Beneath the surface

imagesFH7TCYQAWhen we understand that beauty is seen and felt from our heart, we can find beauty in everything.

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Window 1149 -Are you portraying your life or living it

imagesGM2H14VWIf we focused more on absorbing the moments of our life, instead of living it to show others how we live, we would be able to see the depth of our own authenticity and make any changes to create peace within.

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Window 1148 – Think peace

imagesPC4SFRQTThe time we waste worrying about what others think of us, is time we should be spending on creating peace within… for when we are at peace we don’t take anything personal.

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Window 1147 -Do your part


 We cannot just sit back doing nothing  while waiting for the light to guide us… sometimes we have to turn on  our own light switch to give a signal to the universe, that we are truly ready and willing to follow their wishes for us.



Window 1146 – A quiet mind,can hear the whispers

imagesC6ZZEO5VIf you know how still your mind, you can walk through a forest and hear the guidance.

~ WOW ~

Window 1145 -Walk away from those who bring you down

untitledWhen we surround our self with people who are positive and loving, it keeps our outlook aligned with the Divine… no matter what life situation we are enduring.

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