Window 1140 – Speak what is in your heart

imagesF40RELS0Feelings not expressed leads to an implosion which explodes in areas that have nothing to do with what is bothering us.

~ WOW ~ 

3 thoughts on “Window 1140 – Speak what is in your heart

  1. Reblogged this on Life: My Daily Teacher and commented:
    Happy Wallpaper Wednesday! Today, I’m going to be referring to a wonderful blog called “A Window of Wisdom”. Today’s window really resonated with me for two main reasons:

    1. We don’t listen to the ‘voice’ in our heart. I would call that voice our intuition.It can be an excellent guide. Often times, however, we are stuck overpowering this voice with our constant internal chatter. Our thoughts are swirling like a hurricane, with seemingly no way out. But by taking a deep breath, remaining in the moment, and acknowledging this chatter, and maybe even dialogue with it, we can hope to hear our intuition as well.

    2. And sometimes, the only way to acknowledge our intuition, the voice in our hearts, is to externalize it, share it with those closest to us. Bottling up feelings is never a good thing. They have to either be processed, or expressed, otherwise we run the risk of ‘exploding’ exactly as this post suggests.

    Happy Wallpaper “Window of Wisdom” Wednesday!

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