Window 1160 – Ride the wave


When we are in the midst of a difficult situation, it is not the time to seek bigger life changes to escape our difficulties…Just be the best you and don’t let your mind take the lead… for every storm subsides.

~ WOW ~


4 thoughts on “Window 1160 – Ride the wave

  1. Wooooow! I was just going thru all of these motions maybe 20 minutes ago,and I’m also going thru a letting go of whatever needs to be let go of stage, but the difficult situation happened during that time period and I wished for a bigger life changes in the realm of the problem,even though I’d prayed and was supposed to leave the issue to GOD, to heal. My head began to take over then the negative thinking, all of these things that im trying to change,and then i prayed again and asked for forgiveness for my negative way of receiving the news,then I felt calm again and then I see THIS CONFIRMATION FROM GOD thru You, just amazes me how GOD works! HE immediately let me know that HE has heard my prayers for help and that HE has EVERYTHING under control! Its like you were in my head lol

    • Well with tears, I am so happy!!!!! ya know it is not me who comes up with what to post, it is what spirit tells me… I wait for the whisper, I never know who it will touch and I am so happy the whisper connected to you! We are not in control for sure and it is never on our time… there is always a plan and the signs will come if we are patient enough to pray, wait, look and listen. I hope whatever you are faced with works out easily. I send you blessings galore.

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