Window 1179 -We are all equal


The same amount of holy spirit is poured into each of us… and it is up to us, to choose  whether or not we want to awaken to the magic.

~ WOW ~

7 thoughts on “Window 1179 -We are all equal

  1. And what an awakening it is 🙂
    To touch and feel, and finally see the beauty in that awakening can be compared to nothing else on this world. But the part that always makes me smile in my heart of hearts…is the realisation that ‘everything’, and I mean EVERYTHING, is leading us towards that discovery. Yes, even the so called ‘bad stuff’. It all has purpose.
    Each and every one of us interact perfectly, in one’s, two’s or fifty thousand….we all get exactly as is required for our journey.
    Just as you are doing now kind lady…thank you for sharing your heart on here 🙂

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