Window 1208 – Fallen goals

images0C3W7APLWhen we fall short within our own level of set standards, we have to remember that we are still a human.

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Window 1207 – Don’t second guess your feelings

imagesR7VM4G89When we can see the clarity of our intuition, we will no longer be fooled by our mind.

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Window 1206 – Take a close look at your views

imagesX08336ILIf one has no humility, one’s ego has become the master.

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Window 1205 – Take control of you


Everyday of our life can be defined by either a word, a sentence, a paragraph or a chapter in a book…but we each hold the power to swiftly change  anything about our self, that we choose not to be defined by.

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Window 1204 – Make time for stillness everyday


When we are in a tug of war with our heart and  mind, we will  teeter totter with our spiritual balance, until we align with our heart’s whisper.

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Window 1203 -Do the right thing

imagesDM4SJXT7Every choice we make that pulls us away from God’s way; will slowly silence the whispers of guidance from being heard.

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Window 1202 – Having a new outlook

images8IJUVABFAn awakening moment  does not mean that you are  instantly a changed person… it means you are now awake to work on changing into what you were awakened to.

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