Window 1368 – Happy New Year


Wishing everyone blessings and peace in the New year and may everyone connect to love, accept one another, forgive oneself and others and have tons of laughter.

~ WOW ~



Window 1367 -Believe


Don’t give up hope, even when everything around you is showing you that you should… Prayers are heard and answered… and miracles do happen.

~ WOW ~ Registered & Protected  3TRN-S0US-YFUD-UASH

Window 1365 – Fear nothing


When we place limits on our self, we are just fearful of failure…but when we are limitless, failure does not exist, because it is through the process of doing, that leads us to a new awakened state.

~ WOW ~ Registered & Protected  3TRN-S0US-YFUD-UASH

Window 1364 – The irony of the mind


When the mind is medically in disarray, stillness sets in, but we will fight to retain, but when we purposely try to remove the memories of pain and find stillness, it is the mind, that fights to retain them.

~ WOW ~ Registered & Protected  3TRN-S0US-YFUD-UASH

Window 1363 – Let go of the past


When the things we once treasured, disappear…all we can do is start over… and most likely our new treasures will become out greatest joy.

~ WOW ~ Registered & Protected  3TRN-S0US-YFUD-UASH