About awindowofwisdom

I am Cherokee Indian, I see and communicate with spirit, yep that's right I talk to dead people and see them. There are no props, it's not a show, it's not for fun and games it just is what it is. The spirit world is not all Angels, Light and Love there is a darkness that is always lurking and it pounces on everyone... but especially those that open a door for entertainment purposes or are following a book or think taking a class in hopes of gaining an some sort of an ability. my purpose for blogging to just pass on what I have learned on my journey... and if it connects to another persons journey, that is great and if it doesn't that okay as well! I wish everyone blessing on their walk. Aho

Window 1603 – Pull together in love everyday

elephantHow many tragedy’s will it take for every soul to see that we are doing this life wrong… it is the coming together through these tragedy’s that is how we are supposed to live on a daily basis.

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Window 1602 – A clearer view



To know one’s past pain, gives us great insight to their present responses, instead of judging.

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Window 1601 – Keeping an open heart

chineseIf we cannot forgive one another, we have forgotten that we are just like one another… even if the level of the action that warrants forgiveness, is beyond anything we have done. 

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Window 1600 – The power of acceptance

seaWhen we can love the parts of our self that the outside world judges… we have mastered true self acceptance.

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Window 1599 – Rise up

purpleIf we don’t get back up, darkness wins… so get back up, forgive your self, face your fears and just get back to your heart.

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Window 1598 – Facing the truth of you

pathwayThe fairytale ending that everyone seeks, is possible… but each person must be willing to face the internal pain that blocks the view of a happy ending.

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