About awindowofwisdom

I am Cherokee Indian, I see and communicate with spirit, yep that's right I talk to dead people and see them. There are no props, it's not a show, it's not for fun and games it just is what it is. The spirit world is not all Angels, Light and Love there is a darkness that is always lurking and it pounces on everyone... but especially those that open a door for entertainment purposes or are following a book or think taking a class in hopes of gaining an some sort of an ability. my purpose for blogging to just pass on what I have learned on my journey... and if it connects to another persons journey, that is great and if it doesn't that okay as well! I wish everyone blessing on their walk. Aho

Window 1688 – Reflect on how you got to right now

poolDon’t allow your life circumstances , to distract you from the miracles in life, that have already arrived…For if we lose those memories, we are taking the power and blessings from Great Spirit, for granted.

~ WOW ~



Window 1687 – Letting go, allows change to transpire

flowersGrowth can only happen when we stop focusing on our past.

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Window 1685 – Kindness should be the norm

pinkWhen an act of kindness is seen as abnormal, and act’s of negativity do not even cause a blink of an eye… we have become numb to the spirit and attached to the world.

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Window 1684 – The spin of darkness

colorWhen we are blindsided by a life event that causes a shift to our emotional state of peace… It just means that darkness has gotten wind of something great, that God has in store for us, and is trying to sabotage us, by making us react negative… in hopes of God changing his plan for us.

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Window 1683 – Looking past appearance

placeWhen we are able to see the greatness in others instead of judging them for what they look like, or what they don’t look like… we will see they are just like us.

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Window 1682 – Cleaning the slat and creating growth

yellowEvery time a situation repeats it’s self, there is a reason…there is something we need to  learn or redo, in order to make things right within our spirit, so we can move forward, gain wisdom and insight, so we can transform into who God intends us to be.

~ WOW ~