About awindowofwisdom

I am Cherokee Indian, I see and communicate with spirit, yep that's right I talk to dead people and see them. There are no props, it's not a show, it's not for fun and games it just is what it is. The spirit world is not all Angels, Light and Love there is a darkness that is always lurking and it pounces on everyone... but especially those that open a door for entertainment purposes or are following a book or think taking a class in hopes of gaining an some sort of an ability. my purpose for blogging to just pass on what I have learned on my journey... and if it connects to another persons journey, that is great and if it doesn't that okay as well! I wish everyone blessing on their walk. Aho

Window 1571 – Gentleness and compassion go a long way

fireWhen the negative things about ones personality are the only thing highlighted… ones spirit, becomes broken. 

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Window 1570 – The reality of hatred

pathwayIf we allow hatred to penetrate our heart, even if it seems warranted…we open the door to darkness, to which darkness is what we become.

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Window 1569 – The process of awakening

red cabinWhen we feel like we are broken, we are about to have a break through… for there is always pain, right before the birth of an awakening.

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Window 1568 – pushing down pain

hikeThat what we push down, emerges with a force that creates unwarranted wounds, to innocent bystanders.

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Window 1567 – Unity

greenIt is not about who is right and who is wrong, it is about who is humble enough to view the situation through the other persons eyes, and be the person of unity.

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