Gratitude, for Jesus

country side

Jesus is real and I am thankful for everything he did and continues to do! Happy Easter everyone.

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A simple thought


I am not a part of any religion, but  I have seen Jesus, I know he is real and I know without him everything is meaningless.

Jesus is not tied to any religion…nor do you have to be religious to know him.

He is the way, he love and accepts us all and he will guide you through your journey.

He is the ONLY way to help you stand up to darkness.

You don’t need to be in a church to communicate with him and you don’t need to say special prayers to be heard.

All you need to do is reach out from your heart and say  hello… and once you do, your life will begin to change.

I love you Jesus, thank you for everything you endured and for always guiding me in how to walk in love.

A simple thought


“Just be love, no matter what comes your way.”

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Window 142 – Die to the mind created self


“A spiritual birth can only begin when you are ready to completely die to the ego created self of the physical world.”

We are on this physical journey to strengthen our spirit, “not” to gain physical power… we can only gain spiritual strength through alignment with the divine, and the death of the mind created self.

 Turn off the power of the ego, by turning up the volume of your heart, so your spirit can soar, and the birth of your true self can emerge into the physical world.

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A simple thought


“When we place words between the lines of someone speaking, we are in a negative state of judgment toward our self, to which we assume the person speaking shares the same feelings of negativity towards us, that we are carrying.”

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