Window 167 – Our insecurities are portals for darkness


“Our silent insecurities are the pathways for darkness to enter our mind; and use them against us, by distracting us from hearing the voice of our heart, in hopes of pulling us away from the light of our spirit.”

If you feel like your insecurities have taken over your life; your connection with the divine has become weakened, and you must quickly look to the light , and allow “it” to become your distraction, which will blind your dark thoughts, that are NOT your own.

~ WOW ~

Your Sacred Space

Your private living space reflects who you are and how you are feeling on the inside and if it is in disarray with clutter, dirt and kept dark…  not only will you feel that way; but…. It is a welcome mat for a dark spirit to enter your home.

Darkness feeds on filth and it is so sly… It will happen so fast and you won’t even know you have an unwanted guest; but you will feel a shift in your energy that you cannot explain.  You have to remember that darkness already knows your weaknesses and insecurities; so if something in your life throws you for a loop and you begin to struggle and put your household on the back burner it can slowly take over your home in ways that can drain your perception of seeing how bad it really is.

I am not saying that every messy home has an unwanted guest… I am just offering preventive measures for what I have found in the many homes that I have been contacted to remove something unwanted.  If you already aware that something is not right in your home the first steps are to clean it before anything can be done. Darkness does not feel comfortable in the light or a clean area.

Your sacred space should be something you come home to that is your own little heaven…  Even  if it is a cardboard box; if it is organized and clean you will feel light.  Sun and Air energize your spirit; so “Open” your blinds and let the sun in, open the windows and let the fresh air flow but most of all take pride in your sacred space because if you are already being drained in the outside world at least you will feel cozy, clean and light in your private space which will recharge you instead of depleting your charge.

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Spiritual playground

The spirit world is not a playground …. Just as there are mixes of people in this physical world of good and bad there are the same mixes of spirit in the spiritual world. The big difference between worlds is that not everyone can see the spirit world so those that are intrigued and infatuated in seeking signs, validations and ghostly thrills have no clue of what lingers, follows and will hunt them. It is a door that can never be closed once opened.

The fascination with the spirit world has escalated to a level that is good in the sense that people are becoming aware that we are eternal…. but the intrigue is also fueling dark spirits to take over those that are weak minded, searching for a purpose or those who believe that the spirit world is for a thrill ride of entertainment.

Among the seekers are fraudulent spiritual mediums, ghost hunters, and paranormal investigators that have nothing more than a strong intuition or no ability at all and they are so intrigued with the unseen that they long to be a part of it.   They are merely actors who believe the super natural is the “it job” and the role of a “medium or  investigator” feeds their ego and lines their pockets as they prey on the emotions of people suffering or who are seekers like themselves.

What the actor’s don’t know is that they are actually the ones being played by darkness; because if they cannot see it…. It will present itself as light and actually appear to make them believe what they are seeing is really a “being” of the light side. This trickery of darkness changes the perception of the actor to believe that they really do have an ability to see spirit; which fuels them to connect with more and more people and feed’s a connection to darkness like a chain letter.

Everyone has had some sort of spiritual encounter either through a dream, a spiritual visit or an unexplained sign… Sharing one’s encounter or experience is a wonderful way of validating and helping others who have gone through something similar but…. when you move beyond the experience and become  intrigued with desire to seek more experiences;  it is like inviting a wild animal into your home and locking yourself inside without have a key or tool to get out.

The spirit world is not a path for every being…. Even though we are  all spiritual being’s having a human experience… it does not mean that  human beings are suppose to create a spiritual experience  on their own accord.

If the spirit world wants you to know something from a passed loved one or needs to give you guidance on your physical journey; it will happen unequivocally through a dream, sign or message from another person or source that cannot be explained; but will be validated by your heart.

You are not thrown into this physical world without guidance…. All the signs you need for your walk are everywhere but if you are too busy “seeking” to find them you will never notice them.

~ WOW~

Dark Behavior

Everyone is born with a heart filled with light and love which is constantly fueled through an invisible connection to a higher source that can never be diminished. It is always burning even beneath the haze of negativity and stresses in life. But amidst our light is darkness which is slithering around all of us waiting to pounce and attach to us through our insecurities and fears with the soul mission of pulling us away from knowing our light.

Darkness tries to plant’s seeds through our thoughts, it is the voice that says negative things about yourself and others, it is the voice that is difficult to shut off, it is the voice of useless mind worry that keeps you spinning away from your light until you become totally unaware of how far away you have drifted from the voice of your heart.

It tries to trick you into believing that those thoughts and feeling are actually your own, and if you let those seeds germinate they will take root and quickly start to cover the light of your heart and you will get random negative thoughts or visions of horrible things that do not make sense and you will say to yourself…” where did that come from? Or why am I thinking that?”In those pivotal moments is your first sign that darkness is lurking and if you ignore the sign you will unconsciously begin to own those random thoughts.

If you take ownership of the negative thoughts and feelings they will become stronger and then usually one of two things will happen… 1. You will become depressed, take pills, drink or take drugs to mask how you are feeling or….2. You will act on your thoughts and feelings and hurt someone else or yourself through words or actions.   Darkness feeds on negative behavior so if you feed it you empower it which in turn weakens your ability to know which thoughts are your own.

When someone allows weeds to grow, multiply and cover the view of their heart and then acts out and does something horrible it does not mean that the person is dark or evil, it just means that darkness has engulfed the person and they can no longer see their light. It does not excuse the actions or behavior it is just the reason for the actions or negative behavior.

Darkness is sickened and revolted by JESUS and LOVE… If you keep those two things in the front of your life it is almost like planting a weed stopper… sure a few weeds might lightly start to take root but they can be pulled easily. No one is immune everyone hears the dark voice at times but once you become AWARE that those thoughts are NOT yours… is when you empower your heart and diminish the darkness.

~ WOW ~

Unwanted guest

If you are fully aware that something is not right in your home and believe a spirit is the cause of your disturbance than you need to seek options on having it removed.  Your problem will escalate if you or someone else performs some sort of Séance to try to communicate with what is bothering you by asking questions such as “is someone here” or “ what do you want”…

People think that a spirit or entity is going to just sit down and have a cup a coffee and explain the reason for wreaking havoc on you and your family. To break it down simply… view the spirit as an intruder, someone who has broken into your home and is trying to steal from you or harm you…. Would you invite  the intruder to sit down and explain why they are there and what their intentions are and if they are a good intruder or a bad intruder?

As silly as that sounds that is exactly what is being done when you or someone who claims to be able to remove and entity is doing that. What makes it even worse is that you cannot see the entity so even if you get some sort of response, you really don’t know what is responding. But it is just foolish to even try because you will be sorry you did.

If something is disturbing you it needs to leave end of story!!!!! Communication is useless .Our loved ones passed would NEVER  EVER make you feel uneasy, scared or angry so never question  or allow anyone to tell you that it is someone you love who is passed that is disturbing you, because it’s not.

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