Ponder this! – A false reality


We have TV channels filled with reality shows of rich people becoming richer by acting disgracefully and having no concept of the “true” reality that is taking place for people around them.

Since the world seems to like reality TV; how about documenting the reality of  those who are struggling to survive with nothing and giving them  the same financial gain that is given to other people on reality shows, so they can have a way out of their suffering, to gain the freedom to live with the basic’s that we all should have.

The documentation of creating drastic life changes for people in dire need of a change, would be more uplifting to watch and money well spent above the money that is given  to those for who use the money for egoistic entertainment purposes.

The viewers of a life changing reality show would be awakened to what is going on in their own community, instead of the community of those who have more than they need to survive comfortably.

 Families are living on the streets; children are hungry and going without the basic’s life necessities…Something is seriously wrong with our world that we would rather watch a false sense of reality, instead of facing reality and doing something for those who have had the reality of losing everything, through circumstances that are out of their control.

We need to look at others in love and reach out to help those in need instead of turning our head, we need to take a little less for ourselves so others don’t have to go without.

Imagine a world where no one was homeless, hungry, jobless or felt less as a human being over lack of anything… if everyone did something, that could be the reality.

 ~ WOW~

Window 78 – The energy of our thoughts are powerful


Our energy is invisible, powerful, and immutable; it is absorbed repeatedly by innocent bystanders over and over again without us knowing the damage or love that is absorbed.

If you think that your internal emotions are only felt within you, you are totally wrong! Our emotions are either leaving an impact of love or destruction and the next person absorbing that  energy will combine theirs to it and whatever is absorbed will magnify  and continue to be absorbed by yourself and others.

We take precautions to prevent illness and we exercise to stay in shape but we do nothing with our thoughts and our emotional state of mind is more important to our health than anything physical.  When both preventive health and a conscious mind are combined we are effortlessly aligned with our source in a positive state of energy.

 We must become alert to any shift in our emotions and internal thoughts and become responsible with what we are releasing because if it is” toxic” and we are not “conscious” it is just as dangerous as a person who drinks and drives because the impact of our energy will hit someone and leave a scar and continue to scar others.

We are not our thoughts; our thoughts are just energy passing through us so when you feel a shift, be the shift so what you pass on is positive and loving. The more of us that become aware and responsible with our energy the more loving energy will be felt and given.

~ WOW ~

Blessings in a tragedy

When a tragedy or crisis takes place it stops us from being consumed with  our self and the robotic day to day mundane trivial emptiness that many people unknowingly or forgetfully view as the wholeness of life through thinking our things or success is really living life.   A tragedy instantly pulls us directly into the core of our heart and shows us the deep love that we own within which truly creates what our life is suppose to be.

The mindless screaming thoughts of day to day drama become silent and the volume of our heart starts speaking louder and pounding harder with love, compassion, understanding and sincerity which becomes  the for front of our thoughts.   Prayers and a connection to a higher source begin for some and evolve for others, people instantly awaken to see that we are” one and the same” and we find comfort in each other and everyone just feels safe and powerful because we are all on the same page with our thoughts, and we feel connected and strong because love is holding us all together.

It is a euphoric feeling even during the tragic time that maintains for a while but slowly as time goes by and the spotlight of the tragedy lessons we unconsciously forget the feeling  and power of love or seek to hold on to it and go back to our old ways as though nothing happened.

Imagine if we held on to that feeling and changed our lives and the lives of others… Are the tragedies in life actually the blessings to show us the glimpses of love, connection, compassion and kindness for one another that we all own within…. If we did not have the tragedy would we seek it on our own…are you seeking it on your own… or did you find it and change through your own private tragedy?

Look for the love in everything and within everyone and hold on to it so when the next tragedy or crisis comes you will have the world with you instead of seeking to find comfort within the world.

~ WOW ~

Mind Bully

When tough times fall upon us whether it is due to  something tragic, illness or just the daily bumps of life adding up how you react to what is happening is the key to your outcome.  Your mind and your thoughts are the invisible force that will determine your reaction.

View your mind as an invisible bully and an invisible bully is worse than a physical bully because you cannot see who, what, where, or how it is fighting you but you hear the negative, fearful voice nonstop and assume it is your own thoughts and feelings.Your mind might even be telling you at this moment while reading this that it cannot be true…. But look deeper to where that voice is coming from…

View the mind as a negative person, the negative person might be smart and able to figure out certain things and is needed for work, school, and doing basic random tasks but when the negative person speaks it is always in anger, fear, hatred and jealousy and it is NOT enjoyable to be around because you will be depressed and drained.  Now what about a person that is positive, loving, kind ,uplifting and smart… you could be around them twenty four seven because you feel so good when you’re around them and they help bring out the best in you which in turn your best is  share with everyone else you come in contact with.

Now view that positive person as your Heart and the negative as your mind and ask yourself which one is going to make you feel better and give you the strength to handle a difficult situation?

Your next question might be how do I know the difference between your heart over mind… Any negative thought toward yourself or someone else is not you; it is your mind bully.  The reason your heart speaks in a whisper is because the mind bully is always screaming for attention so just change the channel.

~ WOW ~