Window 1378 – Build a bank of love


The abundance of love and wisdom, is greater than the abundance of riches… for riches will remain, while love and wisdom depart with us.

~ WOW ~ Registered & Protected  3TRN-S0US-YFUD-UASH

Window 1355 – The foundation of great abundance


Acknowledgement of the simple blessings that sustain our life, must be forever in the forefront of our thoughts… for if they are not, everything  becomes  trivial with no meaning, to which the Ego has callused the heart.

~ WOW ~ Registered & Protected  3TRN-S0US-YFUD-UASH


Window 1323 – Don’t let old wounds determine your worth


When our self esteem is low, we will remain in situations that are beneath our worth, out of fear of feeling any lower… until we awaken to our own unique greatness, that is already within us.

~ WOW ~ Registered & Protected  3TRN-S0US-YFUD-UASH

Window 705 – Beneath the surface everything exists


Contentment comes when we are stripped from everything that we “think” is the way to obtain happiness… and then finding  that within the void of nothing, everything we need to make us happy, exists within us.

~ WOW ~