Window 1719 – Pain act’s out

pinkDo not take ownership, or allow your personality to be altered, by hurtful words spoken by a hurt person.

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Window 1707 -We have to over look one’s actions


We cannot expect Jesus to erase our sin’s, if we are not willing to offer the same forgiveness and grace to others.

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Window 1632 – The power of our words

greensWe have to be responsible with our words, because darkness will replay negativity over and over again, upon the ears that our words falls on.

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Window 1587 – Pushed down feelings, implode

gorgousEveryone should be able to share how they personally feel, without fear…for if a voice is silenced, the mind becomes trapped in anger.

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Window 1573 – The comforter

birdThe antidote for our suffering is Great Spirit… and until we make that connection, we will always be searching in the wrong direction.

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Window 1571 – Gentleness and compassion go a long way

fireWhen the negative things about ones personality are the only thing highlighted… ones spirit, becomes broken. 

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